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Viewing a Axis web camera from Klosterplatz, St. Gallen in Schweiz. Even fancy a holiday? How about after a trip to Schweiz? Find more live web cameras from Schweiz.
954 hour(s) ago
960 hour(s) ago
966 hour(s) ago
972 hour(s) ago
978 hour(s) ago
984 hour(s) ago
990 hour(s) ago
996 hour(s) ago
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1026 hour(s) ago
Copyrights: The copyright of the webcam Klosterplatz, St. Gallen - Schweiz is with the operator. If you do not want your camera is listed with us, please let us know. If this is true not a description, we are grateful for your help.
Description Klosterplatz, St. Gallen
Country Schweiz
Model Axis
Tiger Suchmaschine
Explanation: The webcam Klosterplatz, St. Gallen / Schweiz sends all web cameras here as a live M-JPEG stream. We control the camera approximately every 4 hours if they still work. During each inspection, we also make an immediate snapshot of the first image, and drop another image in the archive.